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IG: celisse.tan_music

Celisse is a composer for visual media based in San Francisco, California. She is a pianist, bassist, and cellist whose compositions cover a range of genres and span from grand orchestral textures to intimate ensembles and traditional instrumentation. Recent composing credits include Jason Yamamoto's When You Leave, Isabella Hicks' Loteria!, and Michael Gribble's Stacy's Mom.


From a young age, Celisse trained classically in piano and voice. She also grew up immersed in Philippine music through her involvement with Haranistas de Manila, a premier Philippine ethnic percussion and Rondalla ensemble in California. At age 10, she joined the group as its youngest principal musician, playing bass and kulintang. Since then, she has been participating in orchestras both as a bassist and as a principal cellist. 


A natural storyteller since childhood, Celisse was drawn by the power of music in telling stories without words, especially through film and television. While pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film Editing and Film Music at Chapman University, Celisse was able to score student films and collaborate with directors both in-person and remotely. Some of the films that feature her work have been selected for film festivals in both the United States and internationally. Celisse is currently pursuing her Master of Music Degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music.


When not writing music, Celisse likes to dance and paint. She loves experimenting with cooking and baking, and she enjoys a good afternoon tea.

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