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The Summer Project

This Summer:

Previous Summers

The Summer Project, which started in 2022, is an annual album release of some of my favorite standalone pieces of music that I've written throughout the year! With the initial purpose of the project being a way to actively put aside time to write music that I like, it is also a way for me to write music "just because" while gently pushing myself out of my usual genres and compositional comfort zone.

While these albums serve as a sort of time capsule of the music that I enjoyed writing each year, I also hope to look back after doing this for a while to see how far I've come. I'm curious to see how my compositional style will develop over the years! In the meantime, please enjoy this year's Summer Album!

Warm summer nights and chill beach vibes! Ranging in musical style from jazzy bossa nova to sweeping orchestra and ambient synths, "Summer '22" is a compilation of my favorite instrumental pieces that I've written this year :) 

Inspired by City Pop, OSTs, and music from the 70s/80s, “Summer ‘23” encapsulates nostalgia and cool summer days with a funky and jazzy twist.

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